OLMI Duel Competition


Oak Lane Industries

T1 Frigates Duel Competition


Can you keep your ship till the end?


A small competition between corporation members only using Tier 1 frigates with prizes.

1st place Faction Battlecruiser

2nd place Faction Cruiser

3rd place Faction Frigate

Any remaining Isk will be donated to corp



  • Enterance fee 20mill (to pay for prizes) paid to Gannett Fury
  • Duels to be monitored by competition officals
  • All Duel ships will be scanned before duel starts
  • T1 Frigates only (no faction frigates)
  • T1 Modules only (no faction modules)
  • T1 Rigs only
  • T1 Drones only
  • Duels to take place at the sun in Heorah